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You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers

Welcome to the Wainwright Home Inspections Help Center. I’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions from my clients and compiled them here. If you still need answers, get in touch and I’ll do my best to help out.

Home inspectors should not comment on building codes. As they are incredibly specific and often changing, it would be impossible for an inspector to keep up to date memorizing codes from all components of construction.

How much will this cost to repair or replace?

Inspectors in Alberta are prohibited from giving a cost analysis. We will recommend repairs or replacements where they are needed, but to avoid future problems with the tradespeople doing the repairs we cannot give a cost involved (for example if we quoted $4000 to replace a furnace but the installer needed to re-route ducting and exhaust, the cost may end up being higher resulting in a disappointed client).

Why does my report say "Could not access at time of inspection?"

This may happen for a number of reasons. An example would be a snow covered roof, an inspector will not risk possibly damaging a roof covering or injuring themselves by shovelling off a section of roof to get a visual look at the shingles. Another example may be limited access due to possessions in the home, an inspector should not move a bed to get access to an attic hatch, move furniture or storage boxes to gain access to test an electrical receptacle, etc. Nor do we test A/C units when the outdoor temperature is under 18 degrees as this can damage the unit.

Is everything up to code?
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